There's nothing more satisfying than shooting a thick, potent load deep inside a fertile, unprotected pussy and letting nature decide what happens from there...

This blog is intended only for readers 18 and over, and contains extremely graphic sexually explicit content. Very NSFW!


Impregnating a Mall Teen

I had picked up the petite 18-year old blonde hanging around outside the local mall. With promises of booze and cigarettes, it was easy to convince her to come back to my place. After a few drinks, she was nice and tipsy - her young teenage body had a low tolerance to alcohol. Young girls like her were so easy to manipulate when they had a few drinks in them. It wasn’t long before we started making out. She had all the eagerness and honest passion of one discovering the pleasures of the flesh for the first time.

We frenched passionately, and my hands began to wander under her shirt. I felt her small breasts through her bra, feeling the nipples growing hard beneath the fabric. She moaned softly as I squeezed her firm young breasts, our tongues twirling around in each other’s mouths. She broke away briefly.

"God, I’m so wet…"

"Can I touch your pussy and see for myself?"


I helped her unzip her jeans and slipped them off. There was a small damp spot on her panties. I slipped one finger over the rim of her panties and began to probe her young pussy. She was already soaked with pussy juice, her young cunt slick with lubrication. I ran my finger up and down her slit, twirling around her clit and spreading her juices all around. We continued frenching as I worked her tight sopping cunt with my fingers. She began to breathe more heavily, and move her hips toward my probing fingers.

"Do you want to fuck?" I asked her.

"Oh god yes, I’m so fucking horny…"

"Then let’s get undressed and move over to the bed."

We headed to the bed, leaving a trail of clothes and undergarments behind us. I was already rock hard, eager to plunge my cock into this 16-year old fuck slut’s tight pussy.

"Do you have any condoms?" she asked.

"No, sorry." I said, thinking that might be it.

"Well…I really don’t want to get pregnant. I’m not on the pill or anything…"

"Don’t worry, I’ll pull out in time." I lied, having no intention of pulling out.


"Of course, I don’t wanna be a fuckin’ dad." Not that I had any plans about sticking around should she get knocked up, of course.

"Fuck I’m so horny…I always get so fucking horny when I’m ovulating…"

My dick jumped involuntarily when she said that. Knowing that she wasn’t using any form of birth control and was at her most fertile time of month was too much. I had to get her to fuck me, I had to shoot my load deep inside her fertile, unprotected womb…

"It’s okay, baby. I promise I’ll pull out in time."

"Well, okay. I guess it’ll be alright then."

I wasted no time, positioned myself on top of her and began frenching her again. I reached down and diddled her clit a bit more.

"Mmmm…your pussy’s so wet…"

"Oh baby…stick it in…"

I guided the throbbing head of my shaft to her moist opening, a small bead of pre-cum dripping from the cockhole. I ran the head of my shaft up and down her slit a few times to get it nice and wet, squeezing my cock and mixing my pre-cum with her juices, then nudged forward. I knew she could get pregnant just from pre-cum, but by the time I was done I planned to have millions of more chances swimming around in her. Her pussy was tight, but easily accomodated my size. After a few short thrusts, I was all the way inside her.

"Oh god, I love your cock…it feels sooo good…"

I started to slide in and out of her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace.

"Oh baby…your pussy’s so tight…"

I started thrusting harder, burying my cock to the hilt with each stroke. I wrapped my hands behind her shoulders and pinned her beneath me. I had been saving up my cum for about a week, so I knew I had a good sized load just waiting for this unsuspecting young slut. Because of her petite size, her pussy was quite shallow. I felt the head of my shaft bump against her cervix with each deep stroke.

"Oh god baby, your pussy feels so good…you’re gonna make me cum soon…"

"Oh yeah baby, cum for me."

"I want to cum in you so bad…"

"N-no don’t…I’m so fertile right now…"

"That just makes it better…the risk makes it so much hotter…"

"No…you can’t…"

"Please baby, It’ll feel sooo good…for both of us…"

"Mmmmm…I want you to…but I don’t know…"

I knew I almost had her. I kept sliding my cock in and out of her as I talked, slow, long, deep strokes. I ground hard against her clit with each inward stroke, working to build her lust to the point it would overtake her logic. I leaned forward, whispering hotly in her ear…

"I want to bury my cock all the way up your pussy so you can feel it throbbing and pulsing inside you, feeling how rock hard it gets when I cum…"

"Oh god…you can’t…" she gasped, clearly imagining the feeling.

"I want you to feel every spurt of my hot cum shooting deep inside…"

"Oooohhh…no…." she moaned.

"I want to shove my cock in you as deep as I can and squirt every drop all the way inside you…"

"Oh god…that would feel sooo good…."

Her body was betraying her reason. The excess hormones in her system overwhelming her, bringing the urge to breed to boiling point. Her womb aching to be filled with hot, potent seed.

"My balls are so full right now…I have so much cum for you…"

"Oooohhh…no…you’ll knock me up…"

"I want you to feel how hard my cock gets when I cum…feeling it spasming and pulsing deep inside you, just knowing I’m filling your fertile pussy up with every hot drop of my cum…"


"I want you to feel how hard you’re gonna make me cum, every hot drop filling you up as I shoot it all into you…"

My whispers became softer, my strokes slow and deep…her moans became softer as I coaxed her, her eyes closed, mouth agape in pure ecstasy as she imagined the feeling of everything I said…

"Please baby…I know you want it…your body needs it…your womb is aching to be filled…let me cum in you…you want to feel me spurt inside you…you want it so bad…let me do it…let me cum all inside your pussy….I have so much cum for you…you want me to squirt every drop in you…I know you want me to…you want me to cum in your fertile cunt…tell me to do it…come on baby, say it…tell me you want it….tell me…tell me…"

She suddenly threw her arms around me and held me tight, bucking like mad beneath me, as if she was trying to get my cock as deep in her as possible. “Oh god yes! Do it! Cum in me! I want it so bad!”

I threw all my weight on top of her, pinned her in place and started pounding her tight cunt hard and deep to bring on my orgasm.

"Fuck yeah baby…I’m gonna shoot it in you so fucking hard…"

"Yes…yes…cum hard for me…deep inside…"

She kept bucking with me, meeting every one of my thrusts, burying my cock in her to the bottom with each inward stroke.

"Gonna blow my load right up in you…."

"Yes, do it…spurt it all in me…all the way inside…"

"Any second now…I can feel the pressure building up…"

"Oh god yes, do it!"

"Gonna shoot every drop right up in your womb!"

"Mmmmm…yes, please! Get me pregnant, I don’t care!"

That just turned me on more, I pushed my hips forward to pin her in place with her legs spread wide, ensuring the deepest possible penetration.

"Fuck yeah, baby! I wanna knock you up so bad!" I grunted.

"Oh god yes! Do it…shoot it all inside and make me pregnant! Please!"

Long, deep strokes now. Sliding my cock in all the way to the base with each thrust.

"Oh yeah…gonna cum so much in you…got such a big load ready for you…" My knob bumped her cervix with each deep inward stroke.

"I want every drop in my cunt…knock me up baby…"

"No condom…no pill…most fertile time of month…gonna knock you up good!"

"Oh god yes…do it…empty your balls in me and knock me up…I don’t care…I need it so bad…"

"Mmmm….gonna shoot it so deep…"

The thought of me blowing my load in her cunt and the thrill of risking pregnancy must have been more of a turn-on than she said. Her body stiffened and she arched up towards me, pressing her cunt hard up to the base of my cock. I felt her cunt go into sudden, violent convulsions as her first orgasm of the night hit - squeezing and clamping down hard on my cock.

"Oh g-god…I’m c-cum-mmming!" she stammered.

"Fuck yeah…now you’ll get pregnant for sure!"

That was the moment I was waiting for. Just knowing that our mutual orgasm would increase the chance of knocking her up pushed me over the edge.

"C-cum in me! Cum in me, baby! Shoot it!"

I plunged my cock into her for one final stroke, burying myself balls-deep in her tight cunt, my cockhole pressed firmly against her cervix - the warm entrance to her womb. My cock stiffened for a second, and I felt the tingle of impending orgasm wash over my loins.

"UUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!! Take my fuckin’ load!!!"

My cock convulsed once, HARD, then started spasming rapidly. She pressed her cunt up hard against me, eager to take it all. I felt her cervix clamping down hard against my knob almost perfectly in time with each spurt, spasmodically pressing into my knob gulping up every drop of my cum as it shot into her. I could feel each huge spurt gush up my shaft and explode out of my cockhole, blasting forcefully into her. Just the thought of what I was doing made each spurt as equally forceful as the last, sending thick, gooey ropes of hot sperm splashing deep into her fertile young womb.

"Oh god…I can feel it squirting in me…oooh it feels so good…mmmmmmm" she gasped, wrapping her arms tightly around me.

"Fuck yeah, knockin’ you up right now baby! Take it all deep in your cunt!" my hips thrust involutarily with each spurt, as I instinctively tried to drive my sperm as deeply as possible inside her.

"Oh god yes…it feels so good…don’t pull out…give me every drop!" She reached down and grabbed my hips, pulling me forward to make sure I didn’t pull out even an inch. The full length of my shaft was buried in her tight cunt, my hot cum spurting forcefully into her, blasting straight into her spasming cervix and filling her ovulating womb.

She was totally mine now. I kept myself buried balls-deep in her until my cock stopped pulsing and her hungry pussy stopped spasming.

"Oh yeah baby, shot every drop right up in your womb…"

"Oh my god, that felt so fucking good…" she moaned.

"I’m gonna keep fucking you baby…I’m gonna keep fucking you until you’re good and knocked up."

"Mmmm…yeah…do it…I don’t care anymore, I just want to feel you cumming in me over and over…" she moaned.

I started moving again, feeling her pussy all slick with my sperm. There was almost no friction from the mix of our juices, so I started pounding her pussy harder. My cock was rock hard again almost instantly, this little whore was so fucking hot and eager I never wanted it to end.

"Oh god…your cock feels so good…" she moaned.

"Fuck yeah…so does your pussy, baby…it’s so tight…so slippery full of my cum…"

"I Iove how hard it got when you came…"

"You’re gonna feel it again…any second now…"

I kept ramming her tight cunt over and over, all I wanted at this point was to knock this little slut up.

"Oh yeah…fuck me harder…it’s so fucking hot…fucking me with my cunt full of your cum…"

"Fuck yeah…fuck all my cum good and deep in you…"

"Please don’t ever pull out…cum in me all you want…I need it so bad…"

I finally had her where I wanted her. All that mattered to her now was how good my cock was making her feel, and damn the consequences.

"Yeah? You want me to cum in you again?"

"God yes…I want all your hot cum right up inside me…it felt so fucking good…"

"Tell me, you slut! I got another hot load waiting for you!"

"Mmmmm….cum in me again…fuck me hard and shoot off the rest of your cum in me…"

"Fuck yeah, I’m gonna fuck a baby into you!"

I started pounding her harder, driving my cock in to the base with each thrust.

"Oh yeah baby…do it…I want you to shoot it deep in me again…get me pregnant, I don’t fucking care…I need it…I need to feel it again…"

Slow strokes now, pulling out almost to the knob then sliding all the way back in. She pulled her legs back so I could slide in as deep as possible. The thought that she wasn’t on any kind of birth control and wanted my cum in her anyway only made it hotter.

"Go deep…" she moaned, "Shoot it off all the way in me…please…shoot it deep…"

"Oh yeah baby…gonna fucking empty my balls in your cunt…"

"Yes! Do it! Please, I need it so bad…"

My cock was ramming hard against her cervix with each thrust. If it caused this little slut any pain, she clearly didn’t care.

"Oh yeah, bitch, I’m gonna shoot it in you so fucking hard…"

"Pound my cunt…fuck me til you cum…fuck me til you cum right up in my cunt…"

"Fuck yeah! You want it, bitch? You want my hot load?"

"Yes! Do it! Cum in me again!! Shoot it deep!! Right into my fucking womb!!!" She pulled her legs back as far as she could so I could penetrate as deeply as possible.

"I’m gonna knock you up for sure this time, bitch…gonna shoot the rest of my cum right up in your cunt and make you pregnant…"

"Yes…do it…knock me up…shoot it all the way in me…please, I want it so bad…I need to feel it spurting in me…""

Her begging and pleading was too much for me, my second climax was already upon me. I plunged my cock into her, pressing up against her as hard as I could. My cock spasmed again and I was emptying the remaining contents of my balls into her eager snatch.

"Here it coooommmesss!!! Take it!!!" I grunted.

"Yes! Cum in me! Cum in meeeee!!!"

My cock spasmed, then began convulsing rapidly again as I shot my second hot load of the evening deep into her tight little cunt. Once again, she came with me and pressed her cunt hard up against me, her tight hole swallowing the entire length of my shaft right up to the base. Her cunt went into rapid, violent convulsions…eagerly sucking up every drop of cum as I spurted into her.

"Fuck yeah, cum on my cock bitch! Make your cunt swallow that cum and get pregnant!"

"Yes! Yes! It feels so fucking good…I can feel it spurting in me…it’s so fucking hot…"

My cock kept throbbing and spurting, her cunt kept spasming and drinking up every drop of my cum. We held each other tightly as our orgasms washed over us, and frenched passionately as I emptied the last remaining drops of my cum into her aching snatch.

"Oh baby…that felt so fucking good…" I gasped, keeping my cock buried in her as the last few drops of cum oozed out of my cockhole into her cunt..

"Mmmm…thank you, I’m so glad you came in me." she wrapped her legs around me, keeping me in her until my cock started to go soft, "I’m never going to let any guy wear a condom or pull out… It feels way too good, I don’t care what happens. I felt every hot spurt as you shot off in me…I want every time to be like that…"

My mission was complete, she was officially an Impregnation Freak like me.

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