There's nothing more satisfying than shooting a thick, potent load deep inside a fertile, unprotected pussy and letting nature decide what happens from there...

This blog is intended only for readers 18 and over, and contains extremely graphic sexually explicit content. Very NSFW!


The Girl on the Bus

I had seen her on the bus many times and knew she was on the young side, but didn’t care. She had innocent blue eyes, small round tits, a tiny ass, and full, pouty, kissable lips. I wanted to fuck her from the moment I first set eyes on her. I wandered out one day, drunk and horny, and happened to see her walking home from the bus stop. I was moving soon and decided what the hell, I’d go for broke.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." she returned the greeting.

"I’ve seen you around."

"Yeah, I’ve seen you too."

"So whatcha up to?"

She shrugged, “Nothin.’ Just coming home from school. What are you up to?”

"Not much. Just hangin.’"


"So, you wanna hang out for a bit? Have some fun?"

"Like what?"

"Well, I got some rum, some cigarettes."

She seemed interested. “Oh yeah? You wanna boot for me?”

"Not exactly. But if you wanna hang out, I’ll give you all the booze and smokes you want."

She thought for a second, then answered, “Sure, sounds good.”

We headed back to my place. It wasn’t long, a couple of smokes and a few stiff drinks, before she was pretty much willing to do anything.

"So how old are you anyway?" I asked.

"18." She answered honestly.

"Cool." I answered.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"41." I answered.

"Wow, you don’t look that old."

"I know, I still get ID’ed sometimes."

"So, aren’t I a bit young for you?"

"It’s okay, I like young girls."

"Good. ‘Cause I like older guys. Especially ones that aren’t too chicken to do stuff with me just because I’m young."

"Oh, I’m no chicken. I love messing around with young girls like you."

This couldn’t have been more perfect. I moved closer to her and tenderly kissed her soft lips. She returned the kiss.

I smiled at her, “See?”

She smiled back, and parted her lips for another kiss.

It wasn’t long before we were locked in a passionate embrace, deeply frenching. I ran my hands under her shirt as we kissed, feeling her small, firm young breasts. She moaned as I squeezed her tits.

I broke away briefly and looked at her. “You are so beautiful.” I said.

"Thank you. You’re really hot too." She replied.

"I want you so bad." I offered.

"I want you too." she replied.

We kissed some more, then proceeded to get undressed.

I ran my hands all over her naked body. I reached down and ran my finger up and down her tight slit, feeling the moistness rapidly spreading.

"Mmmmm…that feels so good…" she moaned.

She reached down and grabbed hold of my already stiff cock. She started jerking it instinctively as we kissed. Her touch only made me harder.

"I want you so bad…" I said

"Mmmmmm…put it in…fuck my 18-year old pussy…" she moaned.

There wasn’t even the hint of suggesting I wear a condom. That suited me just fine.

I climbed on top of her petite body. I reached down and guided my knob to her dripping wet slit. I slid my knob up and down her slit a few times, then nudged forward into her tight opening. I gently thrust forward a few times, getting gradually deeper with each thrust. She didn’t object at all, she was clearly enjoying the feeling of my thick cock filling up her tiny cunt.

"Oh baby…you’re so tight, I love it…"

"And you’re so big and hard…put it all the way in…"

We kissed passionately as I began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her tight hole. Once I slid all the way into her, I could feel that I was hitting bottom with each inward thrust. The thought that I was bumping against her young cervix with each thrust only turned me on more. I gradually picked up the pace.

"Oh baby…you like that cock?"

"Oooohhh…it feels so good….so deep inside me…"

I was pounding her pussy hard now, forcing her cervix open with each driving thrust. I could feel the tight opening to her womb stretching around the tip of my cock with each thrust. If it caused her any pain, she clearly didn’t object - she ground up against me in time with my pounding, seemingly wanting me as deep as possible. I kept pounding her deep and hard, forcing her cervix wide open with each stroke. I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. Her tight pussy was sucking and pulling at my cock, her cervix opening and closing, kissing my cock with each thrust. I slowed my pace, long deep strokes.

"Oh baby…I’m gonna cum soon…I can feel it…"

“Mmmmm…oh yeah, do it…cum inside me…”

"Yeah? You want it inside?"

"Oh god yeah…I want to feel it…"

"You on birth control?"


My dick twitched involuntarily when she said that one single word.

"Fuck yeah…that makes it even better…I’m gonna give you every drop right up in your pussy…"

"I’m ovulating right now too…"

My dick went rigid when she said that. If there had been even the slightest doubt previously, there was no way in hell I was pulling out.

I started pounding her pussy again, ramming her hard and deep, wanting nothing more than to bring on my orgasm and fill this teenage slut’s cunt with my cum.

"Gonna shoot it in you so fucking hard…"

"Yeah baby…I want to feel it squirt in me…"

"Gonna spurt my hot cum right up into your womb…"

"Oh god yes…do it…make a baby in me…"

She was too drunk, young and stupid to care about any possible consequences. All she cared about was how good my rock hard cock was making her feel.

That was all I could take. Hearing this 18 year old begging me to knock her up put me right over the edge. I plunged my cock into her tight cunt as deep as I could, feeling her cervix open wide around my knob like a tight mouth around my cockhole waiting to swallow my cum.

"Fuck yeah! Take my hot load!!!!"

My cock convulsed HARD, then started spasming forcefullly as my orgasm hit. I could feel each hot spurt gush up the length of my shaft and spurt forcefully out of my cockhole, jetting hard deep into the young girl’s cunt. The tight opening of her cervix was clamped firmly around the tip of my cock, my cockhole aimed dead center at the opening. I knew every powerful spurt was blasting right through her cervical entrance and directly into her young, fertile womb.

"Oooohhh…ah….ah…I can feel it squirting…"

"Oh yeah baby…knockin’ you up right now…." I grunted.

She flinched as each forceful spurt jetted into her. “Ah…ah…yes…so good…making me c-cum…”

Her cunt suddenly went into wild spasms around my cock, clamping down hard on my shaft as I continued to spurt, milking it in time with each of my spasms. If there was any doubt that my cum would all end up in her womb, her sudden orgasm guaranteed it. I could feel her cervix clamping down hard on the head of my shaft as cum continued to spurt out of my cockhole, sucking up every drop deep into her fertile womb as fast as I could shoot it in her. There wasn’t much room for her cervix to move, but I felt it tightening and contracting, sucking hard at my knob.

I kept my cock buried balls deep in her cunt until our orgasms had subsided and I was sure every drop of my sperm was deposited deep inside her willing womb. I pulled out slowly, letting her pussy stay snugly around my shaft, to make sure her cunt closed tightly and sealed every drop deep inside. Not a single drop dripped out, it was all well inside her, all of my sperm having been deposited directly into her womb and now eagerly swimming up her innards looking for an egg to fertilize.

"Fuck yeah. Got every drop right up in you."

"Wow…no guy’s ever cum in me that hard before. Usually I can barely feel it."

"You always let guys cum in you?"

"Uh-huh. Sometimes they’re scared to, so I just hold on tight so they can’t pull out."

"You know you could get pregnant, right?"

She climbed on top of me as she responded, “Whatever, I don’t care, it feels too good. I never let guys pull out, even if they want to.” She grabbed hold of my still hard cock, which was dribbling cum, and positioned it back at her cunt opening. “Now fuck me some more.”

"Oh god baby, you’re a dream come true."

She plunged down on my cock, taking the full length of my shaft into her tight cunt with one stroke.

"Oh yeah….I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you cum again…" She started bouncing up and down on my shaft, taking it right to the hilt with each downward stroke.

I grabbed her ass and started pulling her down hard, thrusting my hips upward as hard as I could in time with each downward stroke. She shoved her cunt equally hard into me to meet each thrust, seemingly trying to drive me deeper and deeper. Once again I could feel the opening of her cervix kissing my cockhead with each deep penetration. She clearly wanted my seed badly, and I wasn’t about to disappoint.

"I want all your cum deep inside me…right up inside my unprotected little cunt…" she coaxed as she forcefully bounced on my cock.

"Fuck yeah baby…keep doing that and I’m going to cum right up in you so fucking hard…"

"Mmmmm….I want you to. I want to feel it again…"

"Your pussy feels so good…"

"Oh baby…I can feel you hitting bottom…all the way up my pussy…you know you could knock me up…you don’t care either, do you…"

"Fuck no…I hope I knock you up…gonna keep shooting in you until it takes…I’m gonna bury it in you and shoot it right up in there…"

I thrust upward as hard as I could with every one of her downward strokes. She flinched slightly with each deep penetration as I kept hitting bottom, but didn’t slow down her pace.

"Mmmmmm…that’s it…ram it hard…I feel it hitting my cervix…force it…force it open with your big dick…no birth control, no condom, peak of my cycle, I just want to feel you cum in me again and again…"

"That is sooo fucking hot, baby…"

"Come on…do it…knock me up…I know you want to…"

"Fuck yeah baby…gonna fuckin’ knock you up good…"

"Yeah, do it…fill my cunt with your cum…fill it so full it squirts out…"

She slid up and down my cock in long, slow, deep strokes. She was begging for it, and I wasn’t going to hold back.

"Oh yeah baby, here it cooooomes!"

"Yes! Yes! Fuckin’ cum in me! Make me pregnant, you fucker!"

She plunged herself down on my shaft, her tight pussy gobbling it up to the hilt. She pressed herself so hard against me that I could once again feel her cervix opening again to welcome my load. I pressed up into her as hard as I could and my cock let loose for the second time that night. It spasmed again and I blasted my second hot load deep inside her eager cunt. Hard, forceful spurts blasting deep into her fertile young womb.

Once I finished cumming, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting again, hard and fast.

"Your cunt’s not full yet…gotta keep fucking you…I got more cum for you…"

"Oh yeah baby, pound it…fuck all your cum into me…"

Normally I needed a break before I could cum again, but I had never had a slut like her - so hungry to have her cunt full of my sperm, I wanted to empty every drop of cum from my balls in her.

"Fuck yeah…I’m gonna fill you so fucking full of cum…."

"Oh yeah baby…please…I need it so bad…"

She met each one of my thrusts with equal force, slamming herself down on my rod as hard as she could. Cum from my previous loads was dripping out of her cunt and adding to the already ample lubrication. Her cunt was almost frictionless by this point, her own juices having mixed with mine in a slippery, gooey mess.

She reached down and started frantically rubbing her clit as she rode me. It wasn’t long before she was cumming again, her cunt once again spasming and trying to gulp up whatever sperm remained.

"I’m c-cumming again….oh god…cum in me now…"

"Oh yeah baby….here it comes!"

I rammed my cock up into her one more time as hard as I could, burying it to the hilt. My cock spasmed again, and went into hard, painful convulsions. The remaining contents of my balls gushed up my shaft and blasted deep into her eager cunt.

She collapsed on top of me, finally spent.

"That was so fucking hot…" she cooed in my ear.

"Fuck yeah…you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had."

"Mmmmm…my cunt is so sore now. You pounded it so good. I loved how hard you came…I felt every spurt shooting deep into my womb…it felt soooo good…"

"I emptied every drop in you, my balls are drained now baby…you got it all…"

"Mmmmm….I hope you knocked me up for real."

"Hey, if not, I’m happy to keep trying as often as you like."

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